Daily Archives: March 16, 2021

vCenter Server Appliance 6.7 as Sub CA with Easy-RSA

Ubuntu 20.04 CA with Easy-RSA Install and setup working environment sudo apt updatesudo apt install easy-rsamkdir ~/easy-rsaln -s /usr/share/easy-rsa/* ~/easy-rsa/chmod 700 ~/easy-rsacd ~/easy-rsacp vars.example vars Edit vars, uncomment this section and provide your settings set_var EASYRSA_REQ_COUNTRY “US” set_var EASYRSA_REQ_PROVINCE “California” set_var EASYRSA_REQ_CITY “San Francisco” set_var EASYRSA_REQ_ORG “Copyleft Certificate Co” set_var EASYRSA_REQ_EMAIL “me@example.net” set_var EASYRSA_REQ_OU “My […]