Linux Boot Delayed by NTP

This is usually caused by a DNS resolution problem rather than an actual NTP issue.  I power up and shutdown test machines all the time so things are always changing.  If the configured DNS is no longer valid then boot up time can be painfully slow.  In order to speed up the process there are […]

VMware PowerCLI upgrade VMware Tools

My searches for a script to upgrade the VM Tools without rebooting were all more complicated than I wanted to implement.  After hacking several scripts I found I was able to create a ‘simpler’ command to take care of my needs and should be easy to edit for anyone else. Get-View -ViewType “VirtualMachine” -Filter @{“Guest.GuestFamily”=”windowsGuest”; […]

Reporting Server Consolidation Numbers

It seems that anytime someone speaks or writes about how VMs they have, they always tend to say how many VMs per server.  This information is almost irrelevant  unless you know how big was that server.  I much prefer if people would report how many VMs per CPU core they have.  That’s meaningful, but what […]

vSphere as a VM on VI3

Have a VI3 Infrastructure setup?  Need to test vSphere before you install it on your prod systems, but don’t have the hardware resources lying around to do so?  Then running vSphere as a VM is what you need.  I found several articles that detail how to do this if you’re running VMware Workstation but not […]