XV Lidar Controller Visual Test

After you’ve got the quick test validated.  Let’s visualize what that data looks like with a python script and data streaming from the lidar.  Since python is cross platform, this will work with Mac, Linux or Windows.

First make sure you have all all the prerequisites installed.

  • python v2.7
  • pyserial
  • vpython


  1. Download the lidar script. (Credit to user profmason, site no longer available)
  2. Edit the lidar script and set com_port to point your Teensy
  3. Connect up to controller board
  4. Launch the python script
  5. The program starts out showing the data in a horizontal plane which doesn’t look like much.  Click into the image and drag the pointer to adjust the point of view.
  6. Proceed to move objects in out out of the path of the lidar for enjoyment.